On the Cutting Edge in Frankfurt

Frankfurt was “wunderbar” for Ambiente, the largest housewares show in the world and the site of Wusthof Knives’ 200th anniversary celebrations. It’s not everyday a seventh-generation, family-owned company and maker of some of the world’s finest knives,  turns two centuries old.  So when you get an invitation to  attend their anniversary celebrations and tour their state-of-the-art  production facilities in Solingen, it’s an easy decision to get on a plane and just go!

After a brief tour of Frankfurt and experiencing some hearty German cuisine, we took the train north to Solingen,  where Jill had a day-long tour of Wusthof’s facilities, witnessing the production of knives from the raw rolls of special-alloy steel to the final inspection before being packaged to ship around the world. The factory produces 8,000 knives a day, but from start to finish it takes one week to produce a knife.


  Looking back at old pictures of the original factory and knife making process used by Wusthof in 1814, it is put into perspective the care and precision that goes into making a beautifully handcrafted knife. After 200 years, Wusthof prides itself in producing the same quality as the day it started.

 It was particularly special to make arrangements to select a Wusthof knife with our Jill’s Table logo etched on it for our own 15th anniversary in 2014,

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